May the 'U.S.S. Cliche' Sink into a Bottomless Ocean.

My least favorite cliche has to be “Whatever floats your boat.”


sunk shrimp boat

Cliches are usually are fine by me >90% of the time, but this saying just makes me irritated. In fact, whenever someone dares utter this to me I have a mental image of someone, stranded in the middle of a ocean of decisions, trying in vain to duct tape a raft.

Saying this to me in the heat of the decision-making doesn’t help me. Boats are held up with steel or wood and special construction, etc. How is that relative to making choices? I am not the most amazing decision maker, and basically telling me ‘whatever you want to do.’ will not make or help me any better at deciding on a plan of action. Its exactly like telling me ‘well, I’ll let you choose by yourself, I don’t care’.

Why not think along with me on what to do instead of tossing out little gibblets of useless cliches?

Therefore, my rebuttal is “And whatever sinks your boat,” followed with a angry scowl.

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