What I Miss About Childhood

I miss rainbow bread.

Homemade Wheat Bread

When I first saw this question on Plinky I imediately thought of my childhood innocence and ignorance. Once upon a time when I was young and had braids, y = no solution was a perfectly acceptable answer. Then PreCal and the bane of my existence was introduced to me and I had to find both complex and real zeros of a polynomial and use ‘rational root theorems’.

But that’s not really, truly what I miss.

I miss the rainbow bread my mom used to buy me from my hometown grocery store. I remember trying to inspect the loafs to see which one had more purple inside. I miss sorting out the colors and eating them one at a time. I miss the fact that even if all the colored swirls in the bread were just tons upon tons of cheap food coloring, it tasted damn good.

Where have the magical moments like that dissapeared to now I’m older? Where’s the rainbow bread of my years?

Rogue Out.

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