Three Songs I Never Get Sick of

These are some of the songs I’ll always be happy to listen to. They might not be my current ‘top 10’, but I’ll always turn the music up.

After Dark by Asian Kung-Fu Generation

Basically I like Asian Kung-Fu Generation, not that I can understand what they say, but the music is awesome.

English Lyrics:

I try to escape before my shadow is fully cast.
Flying away, not bothering to notice my wings have fallen off.
A sweet scent from far, far away drifts across the street corner.
And I hear a familiar voice crying out.
How much father can we make it, with only the night wind’s fleeting hopes to carry us?
The world trembles like it wants to stop us,
Taking everything away
I’m not dreaming any more,
And we haven’t done anything yet, but still we’ll keep going!

American Psycho by Treble Charger

Again, this song also makes me happy. Something about the sound. I’m sorry this band (and a majority of my other favorite bands) broke up a long time ago.

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