Waiting for things is misery.

I’m trying to bake a pear crostata and it’s driving me up the wall. I’m all revved up for actually baking something and I find out I have to wait for my silly flour to chill in the refrigeratior and then wait for the finshed crust to chill. >.>
I hope it’s worth it.


Well it turned out ok.

I had to use almond marzipan instead of almond paste because the store didn’t sell it and I was too lazy to make some myself. It came out of the oven all ugly but it’s pretty good.

I put sliced almonds on the top. I should have bought them from the store. I was sliced them myself and it took so long it was almost pointless. It’s a conspiracy I tell you!

I’ve still got a second crust already made for a second try.


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