Depressing Weather and Poetry.

I’m figuring out I’m into the kind of weather that looks like it’s on the verge of raining. People say that’s ‘depressing weather’ but it makes me happy after having a few weeks of blazing sunshine and high temperatures.

I mean, it was killer hot. I wrote poetry about how hot and uncomfortable it was. Pretty cheap inspiration I have to say. Lately I’ve been looking into poets who are just mind boggling awsome. The other day I heard “Foxhole Manifesto” by Jeffery McDaniel (which incidentally Youtube provided a clever animation of….). It’s clever and some of the lines are just….gosh. I wish I came up with that.

One day soon I’m sort of hoping I’ll be able to rock out in my scarves and gloves and be able to whip up instant-awsome writing. One day.

Rogue Out.


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