You learn a lot about yourself from writing.

Lately I’ve had to write alot of poetry, and I suppose with all the work I’ve started to realize what my process is and
‘self discovery’ crap. Yay:

I have little ability to write truthfully about myself. I have to tweek it and craft it so I’m ‘satisfied’. It’s the hardest thing for me to write something that is not like say, a story about a  poor couple or a dark subject. I’ve never thought about it, but that’s probably the reason I never liked any gradeschool autobiographical assignments. I’m dreading the next poem project we are going to do, because I see the words ‘poem’ and ‘your life’. Perhaps I’m not able to describe and present my life. Hmmmm…

Other than that, I learned that I can’t write down my poems on paper effectively. I start to doodle and drift and get distracted by my ugly handwriting. My scratchy handwriting looks like a mix between 1st grade cursive skills and stick-like gang tags to me, and it frustrates me that I have that kind of penmanship. I have a rough draft of a prose piece with flowers, squiggle lines, and a dragon-lizard thing next to it. I think I’ll type things from now on. :(


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