I am a total wuss. *sniff sniff*

Between Forest Gump where he’s talking to Jenny’s grave, Joy Luck Club, My Dog Spot, and City of Angels endings, practically most of Pursuit of Happiness… I cry at a lot of movies.

I’m out to talk about this one mainly because it was the latest one I saw where I cried. I read the reviews and heard about the heart-touching beginning, and I already knew I was going to cry.

And I totally did.

The beginning with Carl living his married life and see what he goes through. I get to the part where Ellie hands him the book and I tear up, then it’s even worse at the end of the funeral part where no one is there for Carl.

It really got me, first of all because it is SILENT. It makes it all the more powerful. It makes you sit in attention to watch the story.

The other thing is the fact Carl is alone. He’s there for Ellie till she passes, but at the funeral there’s no one there for him. I’ve heard most people are afraid of dying alone, but the movie is about what happens when the widow is left alone.

Love this movie. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you rent it along with tissues.

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