What I Believe (or Don't).

I like to think of myself as agnostic.


When I was little I remember fragments of going to a little Christian preschool for socializing and some teachings, but I don’t think it was because my parents wanted me to be Christian or religious. Other than that I know very little about prayers and other religious things.

I’ve visited churches and such, but I haven’t felt like anything has really ‘spoken’ to me. I can’t commit to something I don’t feel is supported by scientific fact. I’m simply not willing to extend blind faith into something of this magnatude, heaven and hell and all. I tend to think that after death a our conciseness ends, there’s nothing after.

I don’t mind if my friends are religous or spiritual or anything, I enjoy their company and we don’t talk about religion.

Rogue Out.

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2 thoughts on “What I Believe (or Don't).

  1. Wow, nice picture!

    I’m sure you and I will agree on lots, but let me ask you this: you wrote “I can’t commit to something I don’t feel is supported by scientific fact.” and I’m wondering if that commitment is supported by scientific facts.

    • Plinky found it for me, so I have no idea where it came from :O
      As for your question, that commitment isn’t supported by scientific facts, but my own personality to trust in things proven by science. Maybe I was raised that way, or it’s because of my experiences.
      Thanks for commenting : )

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