Vacation Woes.

So just about everyone likes vacations, yes?
Well, while I love vacations, even those mental-escaping-from-this-boring-lecture ones, but I always have these little regrets:

1) The computer/laptop I bring is never up to date.
It’s always lacking my internet bookmarks and files I didn’t think I would but ended up needing. For example, right now I have no music on this laptop. : O

2) Packing sucks.
Somewhere out there, in some opposite universe, there is a world where people pack everything they need. And they never forget the package they packed and put on the counter.

3) Unpacking sucks.
I’m so lazy that when I get there, I just keep about 80% of my things in my bag. Then when I get back from vacation, I take forever to get the 80% of my things unpacked and back where they belong. It’s just when I get back there’s no time…

4) No idea where everything is.
Right now I’m on vacation with relatives in their house in Seattle. Naturally I have no idea where the forks are, where the towels are, where the good restaurants are, etc. Naturally, that’s annoying. Yesterday we spent like, 10 minutes trying to find a paper clip with no avail.

5) Sleeping in someone else’s bed.
So it’s a guest room bed, or hotel room bed, or the couch, it’s not my bed. Of course you can deal with it, but sleeping in one’s own bed is the best.


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