My past self.

I’m on ‘vacation’ in Seattle, and today I finally checked into Plinky to see a previous prompt with the term’ memoir’.

Oddly enough, it got me thinking about my past self. And if I could even stand younger me. It also reminded me of some random commercial for some random liquor, and the voice over asks – “Would you have a drink with yourself?”

Well…. I don’t think I would. (There’s that whole time-paradox thing too…)

It’s not like I’m self-loathing or something, I just feel that I was so innocent/stupid and I was so…childish. Now that I look back upon myself, I realize I was sorta in my own world at that time. Sure, maybe I was more fun, but I wasn’t looking around to see what was happening. I should have taken it easy and enjoyed that time in my life since you only live once.

So… Foresight a little too late?

Rogue Out.


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