I just thought of something.

If I had to choose, I’d choose Pixar over Dreamworks and Disney everytime.

Studio Ghibli and Pixar are in a tie. I love the work Hayao Miyazaki has done. Pixar with a bit of an edge because maybe they are more easy to see in the U.S. Studio Ghibli has had most of their movies released by Disney, but I have yet to see Princess Mononoke for a second time (which means I’m heading to eBay..)…

In my opinion, I just think Pixar makes better movies. I don’t know. Just about every Pixar movie I’ve seen makes me happy and weirdly enough, I CARE FOR THOSE CHARACTERS.

Yes, I know they are just imagitive beings, and most are animated with thousands upon thousands of triangles combined with fancy computer programs. Yet I still root for Carl Fredrickson (from Pixar’s UP) and I want Nemo to make it back home (Pixar’s FindingNemo). I don’t really mind if that prince from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty dies, and I sorta laugh at the furry animal cast from Dreamwork’s Over the Hedge. I don’t really care for them.

I know Disney and Pixar are sorta stuck together. They merged not that long ago. Over the years I’ve lost the fragile love I had with Disney. I know they make all the classics and ‘timeless tales’. I will show Disney movies to my kids if I ever had any, sure. I know there are alot of other Disney movies like National Treasure, but I don’t think they are nearly as great. I’m past the point where I’m satisfied with the way the movie affects me. I want more than just to see the story being presented to me. I want to be thrilled with action, awed by special effects (i.e. James Cameron’s Avatar), touched (Pixar’s Wall-e), or feel some stronger emotions. I just want to be engaged Disney!

But trust me, I will always go to a movie done by Pixar Animation Studios 100% of the time, and I will care for the heart-touching characters and root for the protagonist.


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